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Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd.

“We Explain Wireless Standards and Technology”

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CDG initiative on MEID and EUIMID used consulting expertise from Cellular Networking Perspectives

David Crowe quoted in CIO magazine on cellular system overload in an article on the Minneapolis bridge collapse disaster, with reference to David’s previous article for Wireless Telecom magazine.

Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd. is a consulting company led by David Crowe with over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, particularly in the area of cellular network standards and high level system design. He has consulted for AT&T Wireless, Alcatel, Agilent, Fair Isaac, Qualcomm, Neustar, ATIS, Telcordia, Verisign and CTIA, among others. He has written many articles for several industry magazines, and has spoken at numerous conferences. He works with a network of associates, who together provide expertise in all corners of the industry.

Until the end of 2004 his company also published two monthly technical bulletins:
Cellular Networking Perspectives and Wireless Security Perspectives.

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