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Cellular Networking Perspectives

PCS - Personal Communications Systems

PCS, Personal Communications Systems, is a name given to wireless systems that operate in the 1800/1900 MHz frequency band. According to the initial concept, these systems were supposed to be very different than cellular; better, cheaper, simpler. However, the only technologies that were implemented were upbanded cellular standards, so that now consumers rarely know whether their cellular phone is operating in the cellular or PCS band:

The major changes from cellular to PCS is that all PCS sytems are digital.

Cellular Networking Perspectives covers advances in all of these areas. An updated list of TDMA standards is published every March and September, and CDMA standards in May and November.

The few new concepts that were promoted were never implemented, including:

The PCS frequency allocation in the US is three 30 MHz allocations and three 10 MHz allocations.

We have some favorite humorous acronyms for PCS (apart from the real one!) that illustrate how our understanding of this technology has gone steadily downhill in the past few years:

  1. Pretty Cool Stuff (this is where we started)
  2. Plagiarized Cellular Standards (see list of standards above)
  3. Prettymuch Cellular Service
  4. Plenty of Cash for Spectrum (makes our heads spin!)

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