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Résumé for David Crowe

President, Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone: +1 403 289 6609

Fax: +1 403 206 7717

Email: David.Crowe(at)cnp-wireless.com

web: cnp-wireless.com/Resumes/DCroweResume.php

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David Crowe is a well known wireless network standards and numbering resource consultant who has fulfilled many technical and leadership responsibilities over more than 30 years. He has consulted for a number of major telecom corporations and startups since 1992 and before that was employed as a real-time software designer and manager in computer and communications applications.

David has extensive experience in the development and implementation of wireless telecom standards, telecom protocols and also in real-time software development, particularly software related to wireless telecommunications. He is a well known writer on wireless technology and standards. From 1992 to 2004 David was editor of Cellular Networking Perspectives and publisher of Wireless Security Perspectives. His combination of written communication skills, technical expertise and industry experience are unique.

David is an excellent resource for strategic advice for wireless communications projects, melding his vast technical, numbering reosurce and standards experience with his understanding of the increasing importance of the political and social environment influencing the adoption and success of wireless initiatives. His experience is also invaluable in legal cases.

Items shown in green are ongoing responsibilities. Items shown in red are recent additions.

Availability: David is available for limited amounts of highly focused consulting and speaking engagements. David’s standard billing rate is US$275 per hour.


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