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Wireless Security Perspectives

Ask the Crypto Answer Man!

Cellular Networking Perspectives is proud to be able to link you to the anonymous Crypto Answer Man. He will attempt to answer questions of general interest related to wireless security. Due to personal security requirements (and a few unpaid bills) he cannot reveal his identity. Questions that are accepted by our man, will be posted here, along with the answers. Particularly interesting questions and answers will be published in our Wireless Security Perspectives.

Warning: By posting a question on this site you agree to make the information in your question public, so that it may be published on this website, or in Wireless Security Perspectives.

To help you scan this page more quickly, we have provided the questions here – all in one place. Click on the question and you will be linked to the answer.


Question 1:

What is the major advantage of public keys over private keys?

Question 2:

How can you securely transmit a secret key over a radio interface?

Question 3:

What are certificates, when used for encryption? And, how does the certificate authority authenticate the party it sends them to?

Question 4:

Can a mobile phone be made to operate on any other identity and how? What are the tools needed for it?

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